Monday, April 21, 2014

To all Radio One Chicago fans...

Just recently, one of our hosts decided to leave based on the information that they were not needed to attend during our latest show.

This host took it upon themselves to write a disheartening letter in which it implied that they were no longer part of the show.  Based on the email, their access to all Radio One Chicago accounts was restricted.

Although we could leave a laundry list of reasons why this person was not fit for their position, we will not.  We do want to state that based on the email that was received from the ex-host, we took this action.  Although I personally told the ex-host that they were not needed for our latest show, I never told that person that they were never needed.

We apologize to any of our fans who have received any negative information from our previous host.

I take full responsibility for the actions that were taken,

Hector "Hex" R. Hernandez

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Breaker Records Spring Comp.

Who doesn't love free music?  Well, we here at Radio One Chicago do!  Jason Magicks puts out a compilation for every season, packed full of Chicago's greatest bands.  Take a listen, and if you love it... it's free to download!

We thank Jason for putting together such a great mix of music!

Don't forget to support Breaker Records.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Dream Version

Miss Chiff


Notes & Bolts

Hand Practices

Cubia Sazo!

The Fieldrecorders

Kinetic Shapes #2, and Killer Moon - April 24th Show

7:30 -Killer Moon is a twenty first century psychedelic rock band that sounds like Black Sabbath and the Doors have melted into one another. Feels like an out of body experience under the influence of music.

The next installment of Kinetic Shapes will feature Melissa Geils of BLVD Records and Selena Fragassi of Boxx Magazine. Tune in to Radio One Chicago (WLUW 88.7/ at 6:30pm CST a week from this Thursday to hear what these amazing contributors to Chicago's local scene have to say to each other!

For more info on Kinetic Shapes, head to

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Julie Meckler-Soul Love

Julie Meckler celebrates the release of the video for "Soul Love," the buoyant Bowie cover that appeared on her 2013 debut Queenshead, with a party at The Charleston, 2076 N. Hoyne, on Monday, April 21 at 8PM.

Meckler will perform a full set with her band, project the video and she and husband James Davis will spin individual DJ sets. The video was conceived and created by Julie with camera work and additional editing by Mechanism 9.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ryan Joseph Anderson Celebrates The Weaver's Broom at Beat Kitchen, 4/17

Ryan Joseph Anderson, known for his work with the Chicago bands Go Long Mule, Rambos and Crow Moses, will celebrate the release of his solo debut, The Weaver's Broom, with a show at Beat Kitchen on Thursday, April 17.

The album, recorded in Nashville by engineer Andrja Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Clear Plastic Masks), mixes psych, folk and blues sounds to dramatic effect.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whales & Miss Chiff this Thursday, April 17th.

6:00pm - "The charge of wind racing through your ears as your body plummets, your spirit rises; Whales is the sound of soaring from atop a colossal skyscraper. The Group crystallizes their sound via mountains of distortion and pop bliss. Even their lush, dream-pop examinations are tempered with solid songwriting and a tight rhythm section that keeps the music from drifting too far into the ether. Serve the song." Noisy Heaven-Rock, circa 2009.

Whales will be coming in to the station to talk about their latest release, and their show at Township on April 25th.

6:30pm -"Miss Chiff gathers ideas, journals her innermost thoughts and then spits them into the ether. She's an aggressive, truth-telling MC and singer. Miss Chiff is sensitive, strong, and sassy (3 S's). She experiences mental and emotional turmoil quite frequently; she describes her art as: 'Calming the mental fight'. She wants to be loved. She wants to reach out to those who need to hear her words at the pivotal time. But she's not bother by any of those who dislike her and what she does. Negativity and positivity are equal motivators. These words are her own and nobody can take them away from her." - FB

Miss Chiff will be coming in to talk about her latest album and videos supporting the album.