Thursday, July 31, 2014

One Wing Low video release

One Wing Low will be releasing a new video.  They'll be on this week

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Charming Axe-Gathering Days

Comprised of musicians affiliated with Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music, Charming Axe (vocalists Eugenia Elliott and Hannah Hill and vocalist/guitarist Rob Newhouse) delivers Gathering Days, a fine addition to the folk music canon.

Gathering Days, a mix of originals and covers, kicks off with a take on James Taylor's "Close Your Eyes"; breathtaking three-part harmonies and church organ hook the listener immediately. The Newhouse original "Beyond the Blue" follows suit splendidly; contemporary bluegrass with lovely mandolin courtesy of album producer Rich Rankin.

Other highlights include an update of the Dolly Parton/Porter Wagoner country chestnut "The Pain of Loving You," Eugenia Elliot's original "Supper Song," "All Through the Night" (written by Jules Shear; a hit for Cyndi Lauper; arranged here as a folk lullaby), Chris Hillman's "Price I Pay" and "One Day I Walk," a Bruce Cockburn composition and one of the moodier pieces collected here.

Gathering Days collects songs (some borrowed, some blue, all terrific) and delivers the goods; this is grown-up folk music made by some of Chicago's best singers and players.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Daniel Wade, Meat Wave, 10,000 Years of Light, AyHo - June 12th, 2014

6:00 - "Daniel Wade is a singing, songwriting, guitar-playing dude. His music, like him, is good-natured and affable, but with a touch of darkness that reveals itself in unexpected ways." -

Kickstand Productions Presents Daniel Wade EP Release w/ The Noise FM / Valaska & Old Honey Drums Fri. June 13th Beat Kitchen

6:30pm - Meat Wave will be dropping by the studio to talk about their upcoming show at Green Music Fest in Wicker Park on June 21st.

7:00pm - 10,000 Light Years,  is a Chicago band that began in December of 2012. The album, "Haunted House," was released on June 20th, 2013.

They will be dropping by the studio to talk about their new singer, and how their sound has evolved with her addition to the band.

They'll be at Burlington this Saturday, June 14th.    

7:30pm - AyHO will be showcasing tunes from their upcoming album, Dangerous Questions, produced by Steven Gillis At Transient Sound Studios, Chicago.

Verona Red will headline the event delivering their unique blend of dance and roots rock and roll. Chicago quartet Mighty Fox celebrates the release of their new EP Oceans.

June 19th at 7pm Lincoln Hall will host these bands evening of stellar local music presented by Shoeshine Boy Productions.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Safes at Martyr's Tonight

The Safes return to Chicago after their long tour.  They'll be hitting up Martyr's along with Red Plastic Buddha, Penthouse Sweets, and The Phenoms.

Fb Show Info 

Whales - Size & Scale

The album Size and Scale, by Chicago band, Whales, stitches together nine tracks’ worth of 90s nostalgia (say THAT five times fast!) - a decade whose trademark sounds have been documented on some very memorable records. Unfortunately, Whales’ familiarity with the songs of that era is so transparent, and the songwriting so flimsy, that I was often unable to distinguish the band’s own creative voice from the flood of its influences.  Take for instance, the distracting “Tonight Tonight” (Smashing Pumpkins) aping on “Seafaring,” or on the next track, “On the Floor,” which could have been excellent, if it wasn't for all of the obvious nods to Radiohead.  These were only two of the many examples where instead of thinking about the song as I listened, another group’s instantly came to mind.  Another element working against them is drummer Randall Murphy’s eschewing of additional texture and dynamics for bombastic, bread-and-butter timekeeping.  His playing, while serviceable, squanders the opportunity to differentiate these songs from the bands that they were obviously modeled after.

Easily the best aspect of this collection is singer Maigin Blank’s gorgeous, melancholy vocals.  reminiscent of Sasha Bell from The Essex Green, the control, fragility, and warmth that Blank’s voice projects is Whales’ secret weapon.  A close second in Size and Scale’s “pros” column, are the album’s two instrumentals: “Level,” the polite piano-guitar-cymbals opener, and “Faithless,” a brooding cacophony that explodes upon impact.   Unless I’m missing something, both of these songs prove that Whales are capable of creating better music that isn't entirely hinged on the sounds of another band.  I don’t understand how the combination of its two best components can result in a good portion of the record being less than the sum of its parts - but here we are.  

There’s nothing wrong homage and influence, but without much else as a fulcrum, these songs provide little reason keep revisiting this album.  Bands like Yuck, Silversun Pickups, and Doves prove that you can mimic another group’s sound, and still write memorable music.  Whales should focus on their strengths, hone their song craft, and figure out what makes them unique.  Size and Scale isn't a terrible record, but one that elicits little more than a shoulder shrug,  Stream it. - DC

Kinetic Shapes III - Featuring Girl Detective and Spaces of Disappearance

Friday, May 30, 2014

Mister Suit, May 29th 2014

The Safes - May 29th, 2014

Jugo De Mango,, Chicago Singles Club, June 5th, 2014

6:00 - Jugo De Mango will be returning to Radio One Chicago. Jugo De Mango is a Latin world fusion band blending traditional and modern cumbia, reggae, and rock rhythms into a tangible palate of alluring dance music.

June 7th, Jugo De Mango will be performing at The Dock on Montrose Beach! 6-9pm.

6:30 - Chicago Singles Club is an online music publication and record label that, once a month, produces an original recording of two songs, a video interview, and a photoshoot with a different independent Chicago band that we love.

Everything is put online for free at, and each year all the A-sides will be compiled onto a vinyl LP.

7:00 - is the hub for Chicago’s vibrant musical communities. With hundreds of event, venue and artist listings each week, as well as music news and criticism from nationally renowned journalists, we show you Chicago– a world class music destination –through the eyes of a local.