Thursday, August 19, 2010


Chicago artist Rita J will be performing a set at Schuba's on Saturday, Sept. 4th. The talented emcee will be joining Bumpus and DJRC for a night of funk, hip hop and soul.

Raised in the talent-rich pocket of Chicago’s South Side, Rita J--Rita Jackson when not on stage--was born to entertain. A trained dancer, Rita has spent much of her life on stage, often showcasing her artistic prowess in competition. Her experiences as a dancer taught her at an early age the value of hard work and passion--characteristics beneficial to any artist, and essential to an emcee. 

Since she first grabbed the mic, some 10 years back, Rita J has shared the stage with several industry notables, including Digable Planets, Jungle Brothers, J-Live and Stacy Epps. Channeling the finest attributes of her idols, and combining them with her own genius, Rita J can best be described as the perfect storm of hip hop pedigree. Her grounded, earthy aesthetic appears to contradict the "take no shorts" onstage persona with impeccable tone. But where many female emcees stumble, Rita remains balanced. Rita J is a Skullcandy-sponsored artist and released her debut album, Artist Workshop, in November, 2009, on All Natural Inc. She is also an original member of the Family Tree.

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