Friday, November 05, 2010

The Volcano Diary-CD Review

Seattle's The Volcano Diary have released their debut CD, which was produced by Steve Fisk, best-known for his work with top grunge bands Nirvana, Soundgarden and Screaming Trees.

When the group's publicist contacted me about reviewing the album, I was expecting something heavy and distorted, but the bio suggested otherwise: "understated, yet dynamic" was the tag line and it proved to be pretty accurate.

The CD starts out strong with the moody "Revival," band leader Alicia Dara's vocals somewhat reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan. Other standout tracks include the more upbeat and lyrically evocative "Freezer Burn," "Pacifica," where Fisk's production recalls some of the best work of Daniel Lanois, the ethereal "Burning Hands" and self-referental album closer "Volcano."

The Volcano Diary celebrates the release of their eponymous debut with a show at the excellent Seattle venue Neumos on Monday, Nov. 22.

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