Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Holiday Gift from Grape Juice Records!

The fine folks at Chicago's Grape Juice Records are in the holiday spirit, offering a FREE download of tracks from some hot Midwest acts!

The second annual “Friends and Family” compilation is a showcase of music from all of the artists that Grape Juice worked with over the past year, from hosting local shows to releasing albums and booking tours.

The download is here, and a complete track listing follows:

Grape Juice Records - Friends & Family II track listing:
1. Jon Drake & the Shakes - "Margie"
2. Julie Meckler - "Deportation Blues"
3. Will Phalen - "Candycane Mountain in My Mind"
4. Rachele Eve - "Pronouncing Logic"
5. Musikanto - "To See You One More Time"
6. Rambos - "USA"
7. Curtis Evans & Our Friend Electric - "Mark of the Beast"
8. Derek Nelson & the Musicians - "Come and Wait"
9. No Ordinary Oswald - "40 Watt Womb"
10. The Minneapolis Henrys - "Where My Mind's Been"
11. The Shams Band - "In the Sun"

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