Thursday, April 21, 2011

Red Light Driver-Celeste Celeste EP Review

Indianapolis psych rockers Red Light Driver have just released a new EP entitled Celeste Celeste. The band, known for its visually arresting live shows, has a couple of previous releases available (most notably 2009's acclaimed ...And Now We Can Be Ourselves) and this collection adds to an impressive body of work.

Celeste Celeste kicks into high gear immediately--the title track's guitar pulses a warning and the song morphs into a jangly slice of psychedelia that sounds like it was recorded for some long lost Paisley Underground tribute.

"The Away Anthem" follows the noisy interlude "Enchanting" with more jangle--I'm guessing that RLD grew up on 80's college radio--although the vocal interplay recalls Sonic Youth circa Daydream Nation and maybe even Husker Du.

Another "interlude" follows (this one more melodic) and then the penultimate track, "Diamond Rough," comes on with real swagger, drawing inspiration from garage, punk and 60 years of rock n' roll attitude. Celeste Celeste closes with "Canterbury Tea," the longest and, perhaps, most lysergic thing on the EP--a potent, trippy brew that leaves the listener dizzy and craving for more.


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