Saturday, July 30, 2011

Producer With Local Roots Unveils "Mountains and Cities"

Some Chicago music fans might know Stephen George as the drummer for Ministry during the band's early, synth-pop days. Others might know him for his long association with controversial R&B singer R. Kelly. What many don't know is that George is now based in upstate NY and runs Gimme That Sound Productions, a studio and record label.

George has recently worked behind the boards on a number of notable releases, including the new album by The Cars and a recent single by Chicago's Rabble Rabble, which he also released via Gimme That Sound.

Enter My Pet Dragon, the Brooklyn-based alternative group led by Todd Michaelsen and his wife, Reena Shah. George has had an association with the group for the last few years, releasing two singles, "Lover in Hiding" and "Flow," both of which appear on the new Mountains and Cities (to be released on Tuesday, August 2nd).

The anthemic "Lover in Hiding" and the ethereal "Flow" are strong cuts on the new album, which also includes the soulful "Moonshine" and the newest single "Majestic Lovers," which recalls U2 at their most radio-friendly.

George, who was in town recently, has been urging My Pet Dragon to tour beyond their east coast home base. Here's hoping that they make it to the windy city while Mountains and Cities is still fresh.

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