Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Umbra and the Volcan Siege Drop New Album and Video

Chicago's Umbra and the Volcan Siege have been quietly cultivating a weird hybrid of psych, blues, country, surf and prog rock for the last few years. The group is built around a collective of musicians, including Jim Licka, Curtis Evans and Darren Shepherd (Belmondos), who create art and perform music at the underground venue The Volcan Gallery.

Umbra and the Volcan Siege have been more visible as of late, with club shows around the Midwest, a new album on limited edition vinyl and a short, video documentary, which can be viewed here.

The album, which also streams at the group's BandCamp site, opens with the grungy, cosmic "Dumb Numb" and features twisted country rock ("Rains and Pours"), psychedelic surf music ("Surfy") and a closing number ("Do do do do") that showcases Umbra and the Volcan Siege's trademark use of mellotron.

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