Thursday, September 22, 2011

Classic Moments in Jubilee Showcase

Produced and hosted by Sid Ordower, Jubilee Showcase was broadcast on WLS Channel 7 in Chicago from 1963 to 1984. The Emmy-winning series was celebrated for bringing television audiences some of the best roots gospel music of the time, from The Staples Singers (featuring a very young Mavis Staples) to The Mighty Clouds of Joy to the "acknowledged inventor of gospel music," Thomas Dorsey.

Classic Moments in Jubilee Showcase collects some of the best moments of the series on a single DVD, split into two illuminating sections.

First, there is the "Learn About" documentary section with background information on Sid Ordower, a civil rights activist and gospel ambassador, and new interviews with Mavis Staples, Sid's son (and DVD producer) Steven Ordower, Jessy Dixon and others regarding the history of Jubilee Showcase and the artists that performed on the show.

Secondly, the "Shows" section collects four original episodes with strong performances by The Staples Singers (the bluesy "Wish I Had Answers"), The Soul Stirrers (the near rock 'n roll "Resting Easy"), Andre Crouch & the Disciples (the soulful, piano-driven "Just Like He Said He Would") and Jessy Dixon (the traditional church number "Wait on Jesus").

Classic Moments in Jubilee Showcase is a "must own" for gospel music fans, Chicago music/television enthusiasts and lovers of the true roots of soul. For more info, check out the official Jubilee Showcase Website right here.

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