Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hemmingbirds-The Vines of Age

Recent guests on Radio One, Chicago's Hemmingbirds just celebrated the release of their sophomore album, The Vines of Age, with a much buzzed about show at Beat Kitchen.

The Vines of Age follows up 2010's Death Wave. While that album was very much the work of band leader Yoo Soo Kim, the new record is a group affair.

The Vines of Age kicks off with "My Love, Our Time is Now," Kim's gorgeous vocal floating above an acoustic guitar intro. The song builds steadily, driven by Zach Benkowski's snappy percussion. "Line of Bones" continues the propulsive climb, opening with hand claps and featuring film noir keyboards courtesy of guest Mike Maimone (Mutts). "Vineyards" swells with lush orchestration and segues into the mellow "Oak Tree." "Toxic Noise" is a real gem; Matt McGuire's bass anchoring a song that just begs to rocket into the stratosphere. "Evening is Rising" imagines Radiohead with horns (courtesy of trumpet player Tricia Scully and trombonist Thom Schwartz), while "Heart Attack" is 21st Century glam rock at its finest. The album-closing "Falling Through the Aether" is nothing short of epic, Timothy Cap's electric guitar recalling The Edge at his most nuanced.

The Vines of Age is available on the band's Web-store, iTunes, Amazon and via all other major online distributors.

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