Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Steak House Mints-Love Songs for Prostitutes

Chicago's The Steak House Mints released their second album, the curiously titled Love Songs for Prostitutes, the week of Valentine's Day. 

The band features former and current members of Filter and Backyard Tire Fire, but don't expect industrial pop or blues rock from The Mints. Instead, this band is a vehicle for songwriter Billy Dave Sherman, whose tastes run more toward orchestral psych and glam rock outfits.

Album opener "Hi-Ya!" is a theatrical stomper that sounds like it could be a Queen outtake, while "Yeah, Right" toughens up the "over it" cool of The Dandy Warhols. Album highlight "The Diplomat Hotel" is a Chicago-centric, deep-dish slice of catchy horn rock.

Love Songs...slows down a bit at its midpoint for the jangly "Just Drive" and the light FM power pop of "I Must Paint You" before picking back up with the sinister vaudeville of "Don't Mess With Me" and "The Great Mustachio." "What are the Chances?" slides back into Queen (Muse?) territory, while "Tattoo" is swooning 50's heartbreak a la The Everly Brothers. The 7 1/2 minute closer "Please Come Again" is nothing if not ambitious, recalling The Beatles by way of ELO. 

Please come again? Yes for another listen, certainly.

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