Friday, February 28, 2014

Vintage Blue to Celebrate New Video at Double Door Tonight!

Chicago rockers Vintage Blue are celebrating the release of the first video from their upcoming EP at Double Door tonight.

The clip for "No Going Back," which you can check out here, was created by Rhapsody Productions (directed and edited by Kyle Dunleavy, camera by Becki Pikula and special effects by Matt Kowynia) and is perfectly suited to the song (a piano-led ballad that invokes the meticulous studio craft of 80's hit makers like Bruce Hornsby and Toto). 

The video features a beautiful female protagonist traveling through familiar windy city neighborhoods that magically transform from moody black and white to full color. The visual effects (color and B&W often occupy the same frame) are stellar and the video smartly incorporates images (the face of a clock, hands moving forward; a mural being painted) that speak directly to the song's overriding themes.

The inevitability of time marching on, relationships changing like the seasons and the beauty of nature (flowers blooming, leaves falling), art and human interaction in a big city that can often be stark and impersonal are all addressed to stunning effect.

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