Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sabers to Celebrate Debut Album at The Hideout this Saturday, March 22

Led by Josh Chicoine (The M's) and featuring members of The 1900s, Head of Femur, Poi Dog Pondering and Hot as Hell, Chicago's Sabers have an excellent debut in the form of Sic Semper Sabers.

The album, which they will celebrate with a show at The Hideout this Saturday, draws inspiration from psych, glam and art rock, and orchestral pop and these influences can sometimes be heard in the same song. There are hints of T-Rex and Roxy Music, the Elephant 6 bands, and even some Radiohead for good measure.

Sabers will, of course, headline The Hideout but the openers, singer-songwriter Kate Adams and fuzz rock band Forgotten Species, are a great excuse to start the party early.

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