Friday, April 25, 2014

Umbra And The Vulcan Siege, Kriss Stress from Notes & Bolts, and Many Moons - May 1st Show

6pm - Umbra & The Volcan Siege - Jim from UATVS will be calling in to talk about their Somedays Coming Soon record release show at Reggie’s on May 8.

7pm - Kriss Stress of Notes & Bolts will be dipping by the studio to interview Sidedown Audio.  "Sidedown Audio is a boutique music label that curates work primarily from solo home-recording artists and pairs it with handmade design. The result is a limited edition hard copy album with cover art designed and manufactured in-house. Musicians get to keep the rights to all of their work, and we get to design one-of-a-kind album jackets."

7:30pm - Many Moons just released an album this past April on Dead 2 Me Records.  They'll be coming in to the studio to talk about their latest release.

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