Monday, April 21, 2014

To all Radio One Chicago fans...

Just recently, one of our hosts decided to leave based on the information that they were not needed to attend during our latest show.

This host took it upon themselves to write a disheartening letter in which it implied that they were no longer part of the show.  Based on the email, their access to all Radio One Chicago accounts was restricted.

Although we could leave a laundry list of reasons why this person was not fit for their position, we will not.  We do want to state that based on the email that was received from the ex-host, we took this action.  Although I personally told the ex-host that they were not needed for our latest show, I never told that person that they were never needed.

We apologize to any of our fans who have received any negative information from our previous host.

I take full responsibility for the actions that were taken,

Hector "Hex" R. Hernandez

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