Monday, May 05, 2014

Everybody Says Yes, Bad Bad Meow, and Miss Remember - May 8th Show

6:30pm -  Everybody Says Yes is a seven-piece R&B/soul band from Chicago. The incredible vocal stylings of Meghan Murphy paired with John Fournier's original songwriting create a sound that is at once familiar and yet inspiring. With influences ranging from Dusty Springfield to Otis Redding to Van Morrison, ESY is an irresistible musical force designed to lift spirits through troubling times.

They'll be at The Hideout May 8th.

photo by: 9 Muses
7:00pm - Bad Bad Meow just released an album in May.  "The music of Bad Bad Meow has been described using words like “acoustic” and “punk.” The more you listen to this blend of gritty vocals over an acoustic guitar being driven far beyond its intended purpose, the less either of those words seems accurate."

photo by: Robert Martinez
7:30pm - Miss Remember "is a brew of delicate melodies, intriguing harmonies and dirty guitars. Impressionistic male and female vocals contribute to this gritty musical machine, evoking a dichotomy of love and loathing. Each song has it’s own character that will make you move or stop you in your tracks."

They'll be coming in to talk about their upcoming show at Whistler on May 11th.

8:00pm - Chris Kramer of Slushy will be in the studios.

9:00pm - Sister Crystals - Sister Crystals will be coming into the studio to talk about their music and their upcoming show on May 9th at Hideout.

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