Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Safes, Mister Suit, and Kinetic Shapes III - May 29th, 2014

6:05pm - The Safes are on the road in Milwaukee.  They'll be calling in to talk about their latest release, and their homecoming show at Martyr's on Saturday, May 31st.

6:30 - Mister Suit will be visiting the studio for the first time!  He just release a new single.  We'll be talking to him about being a solo artist and performing by himself.  He'll be playing at Cole's on May 30th.

7:00pm - This is our third installment of Kinetic Shapes. Rani from Girl Detective, and Elaine from Spaces of Disappearance will be visiting the studio to talk about being musicians in Chicago.  How they view the music scene, and other questions that are burning in their minds.

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