Wednesday, September 08, 2010

North Coast Music Festival Day 3 Union Park Chicago

Day 3 of the North Coast Music Festival had a lot to offer but most of my energy had been saved for an electric performance by our very own Chicago house music legend Green Velvet aka Cajmere. If you have lived through the house music scene in the 90's, than you have definitely crossed paths with tracks like "Percolator", "Preacher Man", "Flash" and many more others from his Cajual and Relief Record labels.

The Coast Stage at 7:00pm started off with Green Velvet tweaking his vocals to "Shake and Pop".

The highlight of my night was when the dancers suddenly popped up in front of the stage and showed the crowd a little thing or two on how to dance!

The Coast Stage was represented well by Green Velvet and the large crowd showed much love on the memorable performance as well.

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