Friday, October 08, 2010

Matt Ryd-Looking For Home CD Review

Chicago singer-songwriter Matt Ryd celebrated the release of his new album, Looking for Home, with a sold-out show at Schuba’s Tavern last month. After hearing the CD front-to-back, it is pretty easy to see why the room was packed with enthusiastic fans.

Looking for Home kicks off with “Impression,” a sun-kissed pop tune with a beautiful vocal harmony by Joan Hoedeman. The next track, “Healed,” is an obvious contender for first single—in fact, the song was featured on an episode of the much-loved TV series Scrubs and also appears on Ryd’s 2008 EP, Rock and/or Roll.

Other album highlights include “For So Long,” which features toy piano and jazzy drumming, the affable “Lie to Me,” which showcases trumpet courtesy of Steve Ryd, “When I Fall” (the real dark horse on the CD, given its spacey synthesizers and buzzing electric guitar) and the plaintive album closer “Shadow of Your Life.”

If you are a fan of the singer-songwriter genre or just into clever, well made pop music, be sure to pick up a copy of Looking for Home—better yet, buy a copy the next time Matt Ryd plays live in Chicago!


Matt Ryd said...

Thanks so much for the review!

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