Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Las Guitarras de España-Tantas Cosas CD Review

Chicago's Las Guitarras de España celebrate the release of their fifth album, Tantas Cosas, with a show at Mayne Stage in Rogers Park on Saturday, June 4.

Radio One was fortunate enough to preview the full album, which spotlights the amazing vocals of Patricia Ortega. You don't have to speak Spanish or be familiar with Flamenco music to enjoy Tantas Cosas--the album has heavy doses of Latin pop, rock n' roll and various "World music" genres, from African to Arabic.

The album opens with the title track and the vocals, guitar and rhythmic hand claps are explicitly Flamenco and much superior to what you might hear on the Travel Channel. The following track, "Cejilla," marks a dramatic shift--the drumming, electric guitar and vocals are very rock n' roll, referencing the 60's most specifically.

Other highlights and unexpected twists include "No Me Queda Mas," a faithful cover of the 1994 Selena hit, "
Capricho Árabe," a classical guitar piece that spotlights band leader Carlo Basile's accomplished playing, and "Reverie," which has a decidedly Middle Eastern feel.

"Tantas Cosas," which translates to "many things" is an appropriate title for this album--Las Guitarras de España access so many cultures and moods in just twelve songs.

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