Monday, April 02, 2012

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"This the third year of putting on this type of festival. Every year its a little different, but overall the theme is chicago artists. Since there's so many different mediums to choose from, we wanted to open people up to all the different forms of expression, be they visual, auditory, in motion, or still, and try and give a new perception of how its made and viewed.
This year we are lucky to once again have Multi Kulti hosting the event at their space. There will be two stages, one in the main room (FRUNCHROOM), and another secondary stage in the back by the bar (DINING ROOM). The first stage will have 7 bands playing from 9pm until 2am. The secondary stage will have shorter duration, and less boisterous acts (solo acoustic, folk, spoken word, noise, short films, etc) that will play during the changeover of the FRUNCHROOM. Local Chicago artists' work will be up throughout the entire venue and there will be a few artists out during the bands performances creating pieces.
The suggested donation will be $5 and the event is 21+ . NO ID. NO ENTRY. There is a bar that serves several different beers and hard liquors at the venue. The drinks are cheap, and strong."

:::::::FRIDAY APRIL 13TH:::::::
***followed by a live dj set from Vapor Eyes (who will be keeping the party going on until 4am!)
We Repel Each Other
Bacon II
The Vanarays
The Peekaboos
Pink Torpedo
Wet Heat
Die Time
(in the DINING ROOM)
Narrow Sparrow
Yeti Jack
The Miracle Whale

:::::::SATURDAY APRIL 14TH:::::::
The Day Lewis
Penthouse Sweets
Statutes Of Liberty
The Moses Gun
Moon Rader
The Grasstronauts
(in the DINING ROOM)
92 Tales (short film by Tom Schraeder)
Johnny Young
Family (short film by Matt Sass)
Gentle Will and the Settlers
John Ibarra
Jabko + Lumiere (short films by Rob Majchrowski)

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