Friday, January 10, 2014

Brice Woodall will hold a at Township every Monday throughout the month of January

Begin the Begin...

Brice Woodall curated the event with money going towards the food bank of Common Pantry. There is also 1 artist showing every week at the beginning of each evening at 8pm.
A series of art and music EVERY Monday in January at Township 2200 N. California benefitting Common Pantry 
$5 donation, canned food, 21+, 8pm


Jan. 6 (Postponed due to weather)
Brice Woodall//Sequoia//Conrad Richards//Jarryd Scott Steimer//art by Conrad Richards 

Jan. 13
Brice Woodall//Joe Grazulis(The Film Society)//Morning Arms//Alex Longoria(Cold Blue Kid)//art by Naima Bond 

Jan. 20
Brice Woodall//Anna Soltys//Axons//Steven Gilpin//photos by Camila Forero

Jan. 27
Brice Woodall//The Holy Alimonies//Shelley Miller and the BCC//Dan Phillips(Zapruder Point)//art by Sasha Geffen 

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