Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whales & Miss Chiff this Thursday, April 17th.

6:00pm - "The charge of wind racing through your ears as your body plummets, your spirit rises; Whales is the sound of soaring from atop a colossal skyscraper. The Group crystallizes their sound via mountains of distortion and pop bliss. Even their lush, dream-pop examinations are tempered with solid songwriting and a tight rhythm section that keeps the music from drifting too far into the ether. Serve the song." Noisy Heaven-Rock, circa 2009.

Whales will be coming in to the station to talk about their latest release, and their show at Township on April 25th.

6:30pm -"Miss Chiff gathers ideas, journals her innermost thoughts and then spits them into the ether. She's an aggressive, truth-telling MC and singer. Miss Chiff is sensitive, strong, and sassy (3 S's). She experiences mental and emotional turmoil quite frequently; she describes her art as: 'Calming the mental fight'. She wants to be loved. She wants to reach out to those who need to hear her words at the pivotal time. But she's not bother by any of those who dislike her and what she does. Negativity and positivity are equal motivators. These words are her own and nobody can take them away from her." - FB

Miss Chiff will be coming in to talk about her latest album and videos supporting the album.

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