Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Locals-Stereostatic Funicular

The newest EP by veteran indie rock/alt-pop band The Locals, produced by Steve Gillis at Chicago's Transient Sound, is the curiously titled Stereostatic Funicular. According to the group's PR, the title was inspired by a trip to Spain, specifically by the "stereostatic" chain models that Anton Gaudi created to calculate the height/width of each column of the Sagrada Famila and "Funiculars," trams that whisk riders up to the tops of high mountains.

Stereostatic Funicular opens with "Running Toward the Sound," a jangly throwback to the polished guitar rock of the 90s (think Belly and Juliana Hatfield), and "3 " From the Floor," which positively buzzes with sexy vocals, sinister bass, powerful drumming and one hell of a hook.

"Inventio" dips even deeper into the modern rock well, referencing Berlin and Missing Persons, although Gillis' production is contemporary and the track will certainly appeal to fans of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Metric. Penultimate track "Commerce" is just plain pretty in its lead-up to crunchy, guitar-driven power pop, while closer "Bellissimo" features backing vocals by Jason Narducy of Verbow and Bob Mould fame.

The Locals show a real knack for songwriting on Stereostatic Funicular that, when paired with the assured production and range of influences, results in something truly postmodern: something old, something new, something special. 

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